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My New Blog

Welcome to my new Blog.

In the past, my company FIE LLC and myself have sort of shared a website. Mostly because I’ve been a sole-proprietor; and I own the domain name.

My old site can still be found at for archival purposes. Some of the content from that older site might get copied or moved here at some point.

However, has been cleaned up and repurposed. I intend for it to be more of a corporate front for FIE LLC. As such, I need a place for my own personal musings and also my professional and artistic growth.

In the past, I’ve had to carefully balance my need to speak and be a growing person, with the need to remain somewhat antiseptic and professional for FIE’s sake. Though admittedly, I’ve broken down that wall many times. Especially as it relates to unionization and tax-credits within the VFX industry. Perhaps to my professional detriment; but to my own moral fortitude none the less.

I am hopeful that this separation will allow me to be a bit more free on my personal blog than I’ve been willing to be in the past.

Ultimately, I’m an award winning writer and artist. And that means I should be free to be as political, personal and open as I wish. This is something I’ve denied myself for too long. I have hidden my creative accolades too well behind my technical ones, for decades.

While things like Twitter and Facebook have allowed some more personal publishing spaces, they’re not quite right for me. And perhaps they served as opiates for too long.

Also, I admit FIE LLC and I are still linked. I cannot truly unlink them; but I can try and put them in their own boxes. And hopefully a mature audience can understand that.